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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  December 11, 2017 9:00pm-10:00pm +03

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at least fanta forest my research has shown that forest fungicides reduces stress hormones. in the future the time may come when doctors prescribe forest instead of medicine. if you are in beijing looking out the pacific ocean you'd see american warships when miss somehow time is aiming to replace america and around the world well the chinese are not that stupid these guys want to dominate a huge chunk of the planet this sounds like a preparation for our first president george washington said if you want peace prepare for war the coming war on china at this time just see it. this is zero.
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hello i'm sue chance and this is the news out live from london coming up russia's president pays a surprise visit to syria and orders a partial withdrawal of his military forces from the country. thousands in lebanon answer a call to protest against the u.s. decision to recognize jerusalem as israel's capital panic in new york after a man death a night's detonates an explosive device in the subway at the height of the morning rush hour. in sport the most lucrative competition in club football on the lines it's blockbuster status of the defending champions royal pie pari son john in the last sixteen of the champions league. russian president vladimir putin has ordered a partial withdrawal of his troops from syria he made the announcement during
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a surprise visit to my main base in syria's lattakia province where he held talks with president bashar al assad it was front of a whistle stop tour of russia's middle east allies so was the un shuttle visit to the airbase in syria and then flew on as planned to cairo for talks with magician president will see see before doubling back and heading north to ankara for a meeting with turkey's. m.t.s. type has more. at a military base in western syria a visit by plugging your putin it's the first time the russian president goes to syria since the start of the war nearly seven years ago he was greeted by senior officers and warmly embraced by president bashar al assad. putin's forces have been helping his troops since two thousand and fifteen when the syrian government was on the brink of collapse in a speech putin declared victory over what he described as terrorists and announced
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the partial pullout of his soldiers from syria and the general you don't know much about but he goes the way to the general command i give the russia's military presence in syria has come to an end and the motherland awaits you friends safe journey i thank you this. putin also pledged to continue to support syria's military by keeping some of his forces on the ground before departing for the egyptian capital where he met with president of the fatah el-sisi that leaders have been strengthening ties in recent years has purchased billions of dollars worth of russian military hardware and has approved a draft agreement to allow russian jets to use egyptian military bases putin and c.c. also signed a deal under clear power. bickering ties between russia and egypt the second largest recipient of u.s. military aid after israel could potentially strain relations between cairo and washington but is yet another sign of putin's attempts to grow russia's influence
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across the middle east putin's last stop before heading back to russia with turkey for you but with the president's budget heard one in ankara to discuss the situation in syria is also part of his. his way to express himself and to exhibit maps of project power in the middle east by by by by visiting to you as allies we're talking here about egypt we're talking also about about to actually has been closing has been has been drawing closer to russia over the past couple of years so he's trying to make he was. difficult the relationship the u.s. allies are having with their international pattern in order to present a project his influence in the region whatever the case it's clear of putin's interest and influence in the region appears to be expanding. al-jazeera. well as said putin is now in turkey before heading back to russia down joins us
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live from ankara i think this is this third meeting in less than a month but no surprise no coincidence i guess that his meeting with the turkish president on the same day then he announces a partial withdrawal from syria. yes indeed a lot of things happening today. really make this a visit even more important not only the withdrawal of russian forces from syria but also it's coming just one day before the organization of islamic countries mitten a meeting in which they want to get a common position on this issue on jerusalem it's about one of the have always says the president's went into the permitting this to come out yet they are discussing many things including by luttrell issues joined in the projects
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trade between the two countries and defense of course but syria is expected to dominate the talks the relationship between russia and tukey really becoming been becoming better since key downed jet fighter belonging to russia in the syria the two sides say they have patched up on things are getting better but there seems to be still some sticking points issues regarding differences of opinion on some particularly all whether president bush. should continue to lead a post conflict syria and also the issue of city and cuts which turkey does not want to hear all the participating in a political process i'm having an extraordinary day with president putin chatting right across the region making these three. almost feels like
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a is making capital out of the fact so many people in this particular wage and are so upset with president chavez decision with regards to jerusalem being becoming the capital of israel. well soup put in is very keen to put away the adept diplomacy as much as he is in using the military cod of coals he's influence in the middle east has been really strengthened by his intervention in syria he support for use. by us and who he give full military support against fighters from isis and also opposition groups and now wolf the president again and the president putin have said very well and clearly that they molt people with the decision of president trump and while in egypt putin hops a that there was
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a need to kicks hot the middle east peace process and sure to have both sides get what they want and both sides get. the respect they they they need so there is going to be top among the issues there will be discussing and it will be interesting to see what they come up with in the press conference expected to be held immediately after the meeting is over many thanks but i doubt that encourage. thousands of protesters have been rallying in lebanon against u.s. recognition of jerusalem as the capital of israel mass demonstrations were called by hezbollah leader hassan nasrallah it follows violent confrontations in beirut on sunday between protesters and security forces near the u.s. embassy at the level you going to do that is hot and we are all in this war we have all experienced our brothers in gaza any demonstrations no matter how big or small
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only give more resistance or make us feel that we are not alone the american is really resolution which is supported by some arab countries the aim of it to clear the palestinian cause that's the danger that the palestinian people face we should confront the nation as a whole should confront this dangerous american project and try to impose a solution for the palestinian people. has the latest from beirut trucks decision to recognize the capital of israel in one way or the other is serving hezbollah's interests because hezbollah really has long championed the palestinian cause as its own ever since its inception to you three decades ago and as of late in the past few years it has come under a lot of criticism of the sauce a lot of support in the arab world and here in lebanon for militarily intervening in syria many people no longer regarded it as a resistance movement it became
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a sectarian militias and it was serving iran's interest but now hezbollah saying that the fight against isis is driving down the so-called resistance axis will now focus on jerusalem its main cause so in one way or another the hezbollah is trying to regain a legitimacy in the eyes of many in the arab world saying that you know arab states should support the palestinian intifada uprising he said that the so-called resistance axis what they call it is resistance axis that they should come together and come up with a strategy to confront israel but he stopped short of saying what action should be taken against israel because at the end of the day it will have a domestic backlash because it has opponents eleven that it cannot take any decision to wage war or peace on its own very carefully worded speech but clearly hezbollah trying. again in one way or the other some sort of political capital from trump's decision. israel's prime minister. to follow washington's lead and
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recognize jerusalem his country's capital and netanyahu has been meeting foreign ministers in brussels where he faced resistance to the suggestion pressure to restart middle east peace efforts dominic kane reports from the capital. a wintry monday morning greeted benjamin netanyahu in brussels but the chill in the air outside was seemingly absent inside as he met federica. her role as e.u. foreign policy chief is to seek compromise where possible but his message regarding the status of jerusalem was an ambiguous i believe everyone though we don't have an agreement yet this is what will happen in the future i believe that all or most of the. countries will move their embassies to jerusalem recognize crucial in israel's work up little but many e.u. leaders disagree criticizing president donald trump's decision to recognize
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jerusalem as israel's capital as fanning the flames of protest for her part morgan any reiterated the e.u.'s official position we believe. that the only realistic solution to the conflicts between israel and palestine is based on two states which are those eleven as the copy of both the state of israel and the state of palestine along the sixty seven line. another element of netanyahu is visit was meeting the e.u.'s many foreign ministers around the table with him where the representatives of at least two governments have said they will recognize jerusalem as israel's capital which means although the e.u. tries to speak with one voice on this issue there are some dissenters and raising the question of how successful europe can be as an intermediary in the middle east the e.u. is not a victim of its own lack of involvement the enrollment is still there it was never
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front line and what won't but was there that it is a victim of the one sided position of our president despite all the spin that we're hearing now but for the moment at least many here believe president trumps actions have put the prospect of progress in the middle east in the deep freeze dominic cain al-jazeera brussels. palestinians have been protesting in gaza against a visit by a back raney delegation to israel for a news agency says the trip by an interfaith group is a person initiative but israeli media has reported its past efforts to strengthen ties between israel and fischer reports from occupied east jerusalem. that story behind the bahraini delegation has kept a relatively low profile since arriving at the weekend the turn down interview requests for twenty five people from expat group say they want to build peace and cooperation the visit was organized by a jewish group the simon wiesenthal center in los angeles but one expert says the
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timing sends a terrible message as that ali is they were trying to pass out of this. in the media that. this group coming from bahrain and all kind of relation you know with the with the arab world is. usual there been protests across jerusalem in the occupied west bank says donald trump and i used his unilateral decision the u.s. would recognize jerusalem as the capital of israel there's been widespread condemnation across the world to the group says its trip had been planned for months it was reported locally that the bahraini delegation wanted to visit a mosque while they were here a senior official at the mosque said that given the trip was facilitated by the israelis they would not be welcomed. of course and social media suggested the group was heading to gaza it sparked protests at the crossing with israel with locals determined to block them there's no confirmation the group ever planned to visit
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gaza one palestinian political analyst believes the bahraini visit is part of a bigger global picture then again by the end maybe a moderate also they began to be nearer to the american because this is something wanted to girl in their one to two new tools to make in relation with israel and america against iran because the b.b.c. may be going to be neutral to israel that's difficult for us the bahraini delegation include sunni and shia muslims christians or hindu and the sikh they will leave on wednesday alan fischer al jazeera in occupied east jerusalem. palestinian anger at the u.s. decision on jerusalem hasn't just been directed at washington palestinian leaders are also facing growing criticism from the pole frustrated after decades living under israeli occupation major ports from the occupied west bank he has witnessed every clash for the past three years as so many have erupted near to patrol station
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where he works he doesn't join in but understands the motivation especially after tribes declaration over jerusalem. it was a real bad feeling for everyone it's like an insult but i want to be able to do anything at all either has only been to drusilla twice that's how often israel has granted him permission still like every palestinian he considers it the only capital for a future palestinian state this is the closest point to jerusalem many palestinians can reach even though the city is less than a half hour's drive from this checkpoint but to go through it they need special permission from the israelis and that's very difficult to come by. well cohen is from jerusalem he lived abroad for several years but decided to return home so his wife and children could get their residency twenty years later his daughter who is still waiting for hers. i don't have an id i don't have any proof that i'm
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a living human being i might not get my papers but i'm holding on to my rights best can't refute trump's decision he won't meet the american vice president but what else can he do the palestinian authority has come under criticism for being too lenient it was established after the oslo accords and many say it should be dissolved since they agree mint has gone nowhere it's easy to say throw it away it's not something that you threw away this is an achievement the issue is you have to capitalize on it their issue is that you should not accept what is. this or sort of you to be when i say a service provider i don't want this or corrupted to be a service provider only for the people that believe they can do that mahomet's abound there has traveled far and wide but never set foot in the holy city despite repeatedly applying for a permit he thinks that palestinians now need new blood and then you vision we have resistance movement in gaza the did nothing we have who believe in peace and.
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get nothing for us that's mean we want to find a number of choices what is the choice and who's claim that he is leader for palestinians should find this choices perhaps for him as late as cartoons express better than words how palestinians feel these days the peace process was a radius shipwreck trump killed it with the help of arab leaders who are a dimmer city of the united states and jerusalem was ultimate christmas present what up to him meet al jazeera in the occupied west bank. still to come on al-jazeera in this news hour supporters of ukrainian politician mikhail saakashvili clashed with police as he appears in court accused of trying to topple the government as its value skyrockets big coin is traded on a major exchange for the first time by everywhere. and in sport just
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a day after winning their first ad i am alaska the toronto f.c. are honored on the ice also sound like your own. place in new york have arrested a man with a pipe bomb strapped to him which went off in the subway near times square a man who's been identified as twenty seven year old a coyote was injured in the blast which happened at the height of the morning rush hour three other people suffered minor injuries new york's mayor says the suspect was believed to have acted alone let's be clear as new yorkers our lives revolve around the subways when we hear of an attack on the subway it's incredibly on settling. and let's be also clear this was an attempted terrorist attack. thank god the perpetrator did not achieve is ultimate goals. thank god our first
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responders were there so quickly to address the situation to make sure people were safe. kristensen limit is in manhattan for us chris and any more details come out about the attack and indeed what his intended target was. we know that the attacker was twenty seven year old a coyote from bangladesh he's been in the united states for some seven years and he was worst injured in this attack he suffered burns to his hands and to his stomach police have described the devices very primitive. in the way it was constructed it was held to him with zip ties and velcro he is cooperating with police and that he is speaking to them he has given a statement during the official press conference the police commissioner wouldn't comment on what he was saying but reports are now coming out through other sources that he has said that he was inspired to do this by eisel the group known as the
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islamic state and it's appears that he picked this area for a reason the explosion happened in a subway tunnel under ground here this is a major transit hub not only do all almost all major subway trains in the city go through this area they're attached to the port authority bus terminal which is the bus hub you can see the buses behind me here in new york city so this is a very busy area for new york residents and tourists alike were just south of times square and it appears that he was looking to do damage in a place that would have a major impact on the functioning of the city and princeton how much impact the in the city in the particular are you on this file the time. well it happened at the beginning of the morning rush hour period this area of times square until
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a couple hours ago was shut down to traffic as investigators combed the scene the train system was affected but as i. but it did get back to normal fairly quickly. again but since they had the suspect in custody and were reasonably assured that he had acted alone. things got back to normal fairly quickly but it's very disturbing for new york residents it was just a few weeks ago that there was another attack on the west side of town that left eight people dad and we're heading into the busy holiday season here with the times square new year's eve celebration coming up and so many tourists in town so. the mayor of the city is encourage everyone purging everyone to you know go about their business and do what they do but obviously also telling everyone to me vigilant given that we seem to be seeing these kinds of lone wolf attacks more frequently asked questions a limited life or as in new york city. a massive wildfire is threatening coastal
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towns in california and shows no sign of slowing down the fire house already torched nearly eight hundred buildings and ninety three thousand is currently burning in ventura and santa barbara county about one hundred sixty kilometers northwest of los angeles firefighters have been hindered by the mountainous terrain nearly five thousand eight hundred of them are working to trying to contain the blast well rob reynolds is live for us in mention in santa barbara county california. that seems to be what the reports that the fires are heading towards a coastal areas how much of a concern is. well the coastal towns of carpentaria and month to see are still under threat however firefighters such as the ones that you see behind me have been fighting and making a stand to prevent the flames from reaching those communities there have been some a vacuum way sions there but so far there has been minimal damage in terms of
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buildings and there has been surprisingly only one unfortunately one person who died in a fire related accident during this entire weeklong seeds of fire so we're at a staging area for firefighters they've come from all around the state of california and other adjoining states thousands of firefighters these. firefighters here are waiting for their orders we saw just a few minutes ago a contingent move out the fires seem to be burning mostly deep in the hills and that is a good good thing in terms of keeping it away from populated areas like the city of santa barbara which is a population of ninety one thousand people but there's another factor here and i'll just show you here how bad the smoke is in this area you
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can see on the ridge tops there the they've turned basically turned blue and it's a very very thick acrid. and irritating smoke that is just sitting there and the people who live here of course have no recourse but to simply endure it some have got some respiratory masks but not everyone and there's a considerable amount of concern in the community about illnesses respiratory illnesses there's. then a sharp spike in people being admitted to the hospitals in the area who have underlying conditions like asthma and as well people are concerned about the elderly and and very young children who could be affected by this smoke there's just bits of ash falling down all around us right now like like
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a light sort of snow fall and obviously that's not something that's good for any living thing now the the as i mentioned loss of life has fortunately been kept to an absolute minimum but the cost of this fire is tremendous over thirty eight thirty eight million dollars just to fight the fires so far and that doesn't even count property damage that will be a long time coming fires are in their second week now and they're still not under control back to you many thanks for bringing us the latest on that fire. opinion polls are ahead of tuesday's special u.s. senate election in alabama the republican candidate is accused of harassing and molesting teenage girls while he was in his thirty's has the support of president trump but the republican party leadership is divided she had reports.
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on sunday at churches across alabama christian evangelicals were weighing a dynamic could they put aside the allegations of child molestation that's been leveled at republican candidates drawing a vote for him or should they allow the possibility that a pro-choice democrat might assume the state's vacant senate seat if they don't for republican elizabeth bashir there's only one possible option a lot of people myself included feel that roy moore is just not an acceptable candidate he doesn't a spouse the views that are important to me are a lot of younger people as well lot of women as well just do not feel that he holds the same values that we do it's not just the allegations of sexual misconduct for years more has reveled in racism and discrimination but he often clicks in bible scripture recently he mused that life in the u.s. had been better while slavery existed these thoughts often delight a call right wing evangelical base in alabama who feel that washington has allowed
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the u.s. to descend into godlessness starting with allowing a woman reproductive rights more spoke at brian baptist church in late november and the past of says there's no proof of child molestation the women should have due process and so should judge moore the problem is because of the selection being so short we don't have plenty of time for it so you're going to have to make a rush decision but she is as she feels some more voters are employing circular thinking i also think there are some self-delusion going on and some sectors in terms of well i couldn't support somebody who would do these things so there's no way he did those things. because i think court had this race is being defined in many different ways a referendum on donald trump a key movement for the republican party so the movement with key demographics like younger people and women feel they have no choice but to split with the party's extremism even if they too are against abortion but despite the consternation that's been expressed nationwide about was nostalgia for the us during slavery for
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example he does speak for a large section of alabamians there was that insider but there were certain certain principles of that ok that was a man's word was his was his bond so to speak we value human life better at that time as far as the white population. it's in some in some areas and if more does win on tuesday night it's not as if he'll be the only republican in the u.s. senate who holds such views she ever ten see al-jazeera birmingham alabama. still to come on al-jazeera as nicolas maduro his party wins most seats in merrill actions we take a closer look at how this will affect men as well as opposition the deal to repatriate re-injure refugees from baghdad after myanmar and why some rights groups say it's simply. an informal football legend diego maradona as you've never seen
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him before and with that story. hello again will take a look at weather conditions across the levant and western parts of asia generally looking fine i've seen a very warm this time of year marty there is zero task and two degrees but all fine around the caspian sea ten degrees for tehran these aside the mediterranean to plenty of sunshine decent day in beirut it twenty three degrees dropping by slightly as we head on through into wednesday stage kuwait city coming in at nineteen degrees there is quite a brisk wind blowing down through the gulf over the last few days still there a little bit on shoes there but it's on its way out so as we head on into wednesday will find those winds really much lighter and it will feel warmer twenty five degrees or some ice from here on from abu dhabi elsewhere we're looking at a slightly warmer conditions for macas usual
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a mix of thirty two degrees and twenty eight in medina across into southern portions of africa plenty of showers across angola through zambia and into zimbabwe and mozambique so that's expect to continue through tuesday but lusaka hunter already seen some heavy downpours but further towards the south fine across much of the maybe a fine across the bulk of south africa is one of two showers towards the eastern cape and then through into wednesday cooling off as a breeze picks up for cape town and highs of eighteen and we could just see wanted to share a threatening johannesburg highs here of twenty four. a new perspective can change your world. for one chin is ian began as a hobby has grown into a passion a way of life. teaching the next generation to strive for a higher level. and in so installing in his country
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a sense of freedom and strength. new heights my chin is at this time on al-jazeera. running six continents across the. zeros corresponding bringing the stories they tell of the. appeal of us nothing unless there. were at the version of the raj an account for palestinian refugees zero did world news.
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welcome back reminder the top stories are on the edge of their russian president vladimir putin has all the partial withdrawal of his troops from syria he made the announcement on a surprise visit to a russian a base in lattakia province where he met syrian president bashar al assad thousands of protesters have rallied in lebanon against u.s. recognition of jerusalem as the capital of israel mass demonstrations were called by hezbollah's leader hassan nasrallah. case in new york have arrested a man with a pipe bomb strapped to him which went off in the subway near times square the man was injured in the last three other people suffered minor injuries. returning to our top story and putin's whistle stop tour of three countries well i'm joined now by letter of organ russia analyst at us markets now i think this is the third meeting he's now hardware the turkish president in in less than a month but no coincidence probably that it's happening the very same day he went
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and shook hands with the president of syria and that was they were partially withdrawing the russian troops this is i'm guessing just to put pressure on the turkish president to join his big plan their big plan for syria yes i think her firm put into perspective the military phase of the conflict is over as she declared in syria and now he's looking to sort of capsulize solidify the games but at least russia has manage to get through this military operation so russia is appearing a country that is leading this. peace talks putin is the person who is the main sort of power broker what putin wanted a few years ago to be a global power in this region it seems that he has managed to land that that job for now of course of course he just don't say he's going to run for president next
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year a shoo in i suppose you could describe that but this is also him playing the powerful statesman on the world stage is into this is about him being being puton yes i think his message in syria was addressed to the regional powers as much as to the domestic audience it was about in a way justifying the military expenses and human lives that have been spent in syria going to very rude to stop you there because we're going to go straight across to our own career where we are about to listen i believe to the press conference of president putin are to be maintained. by little. creation. summit. relevant ministries will build throughout the critter in meetings. contacts on critical level we'll of course have a it's if you do. commercial relations and economic relations
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in the first time months of two thousand and seventeen there is a thirty percent increase in our economy money check stranger interaction in the same way. to resume from operation. decide to level quite a great level four and a half million russian tourists have been hosted in our country and in two thousand and eighteen of course these figures will be naturally higher in our energy cooperation the most one of the most critical agenda items in our meetings turkish stream and a clear projects. are going to escalate have escalated our relationship in energy cooperation. both parties are willing and determined so this is an obvious fact there members of crisis today my dear friend
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put in and i had discussed alongside with our bilateral relations regional matters as well we had this opportunity arose to discuss regional matters especially. the new developments about jerusalem. united states of nations governments have recognized to have decided to recognize as the capital of israel their jerusalem has been recognized as the capital of israel and this has. collected quite. outrageous in the whole world it has caused most. point moment and this is the new responsible start taken and as a result the tension is obvious we are facing some tensions in the world in the lead there has been protests on the. regions and four palestinians have
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been martyred by the israeli soldiers and hundreds of palestinians have been wounded most recent figure i was given is near two thousand gaza has been bombed by the israeli fighter jets and israel is. maintaining its approach to incite stray chanelle. area under fire and they are taking this into an approach to they are seeing this and of course it is to increase that pressure and have a hand on palestinian side and no one responsible is able to keep a close eye a blind eye on leaves for massacres and as the president's all of the summit of the islamic cooperation. organization we have called for the islamic leaders the countries leaders summit two days later we will convene in istanbul.
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and i hope that they will give a strong message from that summit i'm pleased to say that we have similar approaches about the jerusalem issue with mr putin and we maintained our agreement on these issues we have also discussed a stranger in syria and the issues we have already discussed in sochi which was. a process in maintaining the discussions in. our next step will be the second meeting. to be held in sochi as soon as possible and in order to improve their political relations we will discuss develop the political relations we will discuss which steps should be taken as they are stand our ground and see. the real story what we can do to contribute to the process being held
9:40 pm
in general. at an important level dear members oppressed this close contact with. russia and turkey itself well to both countries also in addition to that it is important i'm leaning both for the regional peace and stability in this dynamic relationship we have managed to obtain in this period so hopefully we'll continue in the next period as well and i hope it's will be for the benefit of the region i also would like to say that in your respect of s four hundred are relevant colleagues king. as necessary and they will get together this week and they will bring this matter into accomplish and i wish them all success and thank you all.
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to be. visiting our friends or your friend mr president i don't know and first of all i would like to know that the negotiations were held business like atmosphere we discussed the key issues including strategic and military and separate guns and new projects to be exchanged opinions on an international agenda but. of course. it was. on the situation in the middle east and syria as syria with which our countries cooperate generally cooperation between moscow and caracas developing very successfully with ministers and including foreign relations. relations between ministry is
9:42 pm
parliaments. we have noted that. trade has increased. by thirty six percent to fifty billion dollars. in the last couple of months more than in the whole of last year this all became possible. because of the cancellation of for a strict shows in trade during the first eight months of this year import. turkish agricultural products increased by one point eight times. and today were discussed in the which direction the but it is a sin of our trade relations should develop in this respect i was going to space
9:43 pm
was very useful. mr president. and. four million russians. have visited turkey much more than last year we have discussed and energy corporation. for its. construction. for the first nuclear power plant. the turkish dream is constructed according to the schedule to the lines being constructed of the pipeline the implementation of this project to pull the strength of the turkish economy and provide to guess russian gas into other countries why do need is cooperation
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in the military and technical three years of we have agreed credit agreements alone agreements which are going to be signed in the nearest future we were discussing also. the situation in syria. all practically all the territory has been liberated from terrorists. in place to. renew our actions by terrorist we will just be undertaken. some measures. as to the political settlement on the twenty second of. november. agreements reached and now to. make sure implemented next beginning of next year there will be one. arabic
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dialogue. such issues as parameters of the future. state construction. and. there will be no secret if i say that during my visit with syria i discussed this in detail so with president assad and we hope that the congress will help. settle the situation. continuing. to work on the stock. stopping off military action because a scholar and increase of trust between the sides. we are preparing
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a international. meeting in our stand. at the end of this year. want to know the positive input of turkey present at the hand. in this we discussed also humanitarian situation and i would like to say that both russians. clearly think that. the decision of the united states directly denies jerusalem off the capital of israel it is not helping. to solve the situation in the middle east but it is that the disturbers eyes inc. and growth. prospects of peace process. this settlement has to be based on the. before dope the principles
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of the united nations parameters of the agreement but it is the subject of direct. israeli palestinian. negotiations there will be to morrow a summit of big corporations and russia is going to be represented at this meeting and in conclusion i would like to help. to thank president. and. praise his input in the cooperation between our two countries thank you very much. you have been watching a joint press conference with president putin and president talking warmly
9:48 pm
seemingly about mutual trade economic conservatism and chests and also having the same thing to say with regards to the u.s. announcement that jerusalem was to be the new israel capital president saying it was a disappointment and clearly was causing tensions and president putin said it was not helping the situation in the middle east and was destabilizing then went to talk about syria let's bring in our correspondent mohamed atta who is in and career for us they were discussing the situation in syria them not surprisingly i suppose . president putin talking about a stand that talking about the push for the congress to be the political solution to what's happening in syria and the president has or are not really seeming to differ from that. no they seem to be two leaders eager to show all the world all the good relations that countries seem to be enjoying these days talking about all
9:49 pm
those corporations in agriculture joined energy projects to his him and when they came to the issue of jerusalem they were reading from the same script at a gun called it cold present decision it is possible it's like israel is going to is trying to put while with fuel and also talk about the palestinians who have been killed in demonstrations in various parts of the occupied territories in the past few days president putin also there talking about how the decision by trump was not helping and was not helpful to the peace process. and the future. everything now depended on negotiations on the peace process now on. syria both of them seem to be underlining the fact that we are moving towards
9:50 pm
a post conflict situation what they were talking about all those talks they were talking about. between themselves and iran and also talking about the syrian national dialogue to be held next year so we are increasingly looking at the steward. from the talk of the to be this. emphasis on the collection on more to woods a political process i have it does occur to me that has made this whistle stop tour in just twenty four hours and it almost seems to be that he's not spent not much time with the skein three leaders like almost i don't know whether glossing over these enormous topics it could take a long time to really discuss giving us a sense that he just is doing it more for show than actually getting into some. well of course from the kind of tell fulton himself this seems to be some poles cheering in the whole trip he is
9:51 pm
a man who's very keen to showcase that he is adept at using diplomacy sim when he is using the military cut and again his teacher to be honest he's in the middle east has room in a big way since his intervention his country's intervention in syria where he propped up. a subdued him who full military support. would be seeing fall all the time in areas held by rebels and the getting assad's forces to roaring back in places where they have lost. a long time ago now all the really strengthened he's standing with in the middle east so that's something he wants to showcase very good to get your thoughts about having that out there speaking to us from korea whether it's president just met let's go to andy in town hall for the sport thank you say well it's the most watched and most lucrative
9:52 pm
competition in club football and one game in the last sixteen of the season's european champions league has underlined its blockbuster appeal grandmother it. by this undermine the surprise. is why the match christiane our elders rally aiming for the first european cup trouble since bon munich did it fourteen years ago well of woman title twelve times pays chave invested heavily in new players to try and win this trophy for a first time. well we played to two years ago to distance to go against them since then they strengthen their in every summer. this time but a very good player. so i think they're really very strong in every department of the field. i think they have many many many qualities they have
9:53 pm
a lot of strength in quality players they have also we know that when they play home they have a lot of the face of our own but we have our will qualities we have our. vision to continue in this competition so we were going to do everything we have is stuff that knows them very well from spain so i think we have all the qualities also to go through to the next round they don't well after a five year gap barcelona will take on english champions chelsea again it seems of course have been involved in a series of cultural actual games in the past in two thousand and nine chelsea in the seventies barcelona getting a last minute winner in that game at stamford bridge through understand yes to the outcomes i was reversed in twenty twelve chelsea when sunset lift the trophy. it was a game in which you had a pleasant row losing to know and then remember is good in taurus finished it was a tremendous progress in the previous semifinal because we were late late goal
9:54 pm
going to propose a moment so every game that we play against them you know it's a joy to have a look at our draw in for the games kicking off in the second week of february i was super eight games in the first half of the draw also their shots out don't yet school take on wrong and it's fine munich versus bush asked the turkish champions won all of their away games and they were undefeated on their way to winning their qualifying group a record five english teams have progressed into the group stage this season that's never happened before tottenham will face it's how in champions eventis premier league leaders man city they'll be happy with their draw they're up against switzerland's f.c. bars all five time champions liverpool that taking on portugal's f.c. paul so and manchester united that's a king on a survey of us the first time those two teams met in a competitive game last cross one a league welling's looks at what the draw could mean for spain's biggest two cops.
9:55 pm
well madrid versus passenger man absolutely fascinates me because is this the time finally that the spanish giants romber trade in barcelona are not soft they have dominated european football but of course the two clubs with the money in europe are partially to city match the city have had a rather attractive looking draw against basel switched in the would expect to be but come p.s.g. due to rome which they vowed to do a couple of years ago can you now do i remember of course from winter to go in for free champions league in a row that hasn't been gone for forty years so what a huge march this is piers g.'s forming the group suggest that this is that time can i see it through can i get the job done that we playing at home second because they won their group i'm brown which we didn't chose in barcelona now has a great history doesn't it twenty twelve chelsea managed to get through despite all the pressure put on them they won the trophy that year but there have been
9:56 pm
controversial matches between those teams like two thousand and nine those two don't like each other that's for sure what's wrong so i say still soaking up their first major league soccer title even as ice hockey takes center stage again in the city is the my police play the edmonton oilers so of winning sox stars were on it only i start jozy altidore who scored in the final on with captain michael bradley once the game began the leafs looked to have been inspired by its run so it's m.l.s. x x s as that com score just thirty four seconds in one nothing was how it ended its run to our second in the eastern conference atlantic division. i swear the chicago blackhawks beat the arizona current series cali crawford ny thirty one size fits chicago has a right to a three one win is their second straight victory after losing five in a row earlier on the season. the indiana pacers are one their fourth straight game in the n.b.a. victor all of the power was the star of the knights going
9:57 pm
a career high forty's. seven points is the price is b. the denver nuggets one twenty six to one sixteen i would sign it one time last thirteen. lindsey vonn is one of the most successful scares of all time but our preparations for the upcoming winter olympics aren't going well the american won the downhill title in vancouver in twenty ten missed out in sochi because of a knee injury and was just a couple of months ago and so pure and sharing vaughan is battling another injury the thirty three year old says though she'll do all she can to compete in what could be her final olympics everything that i've done has been in preparation for these one picks so right now i'm trying to stay healthy. going in so far it's not going very well but. you know i feel like i'm saving all of my luck for february and hopefully everything will work out the way it's supposed to and joining a proud list of footballers to have stuck shoes that are new bear a passing resemblance to the actual features diego marathoner the audience in
9:58 pm
legend is visiting india at the moment send this is the statue that will soon become a permanent fixture in kolkata marathon also have a park named after him in the city the structure partly captures the moment saying the same on the ninety six world cup. ok that's good for now it's a fact to see when a person. thank you andy that is it for me for this news hour but don't go away julie macdonald will be with you in just a moment to give you much more of the day's news including more analysis as a visit to turkey.
9:59 pm
you are making very pointed remarks where on line the main u.s. response to drug use and the drug trade over the last fifty years has been to criminalize or if you join us on say no evil person just wakes up in the morning in the sense i want to color the world in darkness they say is a dialogue and that could be was leading to some of the confusion online about people saying they don't actually know what's going on join the colobus conversation at this time on al-jazeera we're here to jerusalem bureau coverage israeli palestinian affairs we cover the story with a lot of internet we cover it with that we don't dip in and out of this story we have a presence here all the time apart from being a cameraman it's also very important to be a journalist to know the story very well before going into the fields covering the united nations and global diplomacy for al-jazeera english is pretty incredible this is where talks happen and what happens there matters. the obstacles to
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being a female photo going to find kenya simply made the challenge laws dealing to bob but on the needs she. now with a single red dress countless volunteers and the power of high land she is exploring the lives of women from all kenyan walks of life the unique tales that sets them up on it and the shared experiences that bind them together. they knew after the guns will tell graphene that's this time on al-jazeera.


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